Sunday, October 14, 2007

“The Jim Korhan Show” (95 WASB) “The Revolution Is Now”

October 14, 2007 9:20PM (Central) - “The Jim Korhan Show” (95 WASB) "The Revolution Is Now"

Wow! What an Interview… This was an Interview like no other. I’m a little speechless. Thankfully, I wasn’t speechless on the air.

Upon welcoming me to the show, the Interview started with the Host informing me that he and his co-Host/Sidekick, prior to me joining, were discussing why Black males have a certain large body part (and I don’t mean nose…). They said that they were told by one of their Black friends that the answer was “Government Cheese” (a.k.a. welfare cheese). This Interview was like being at an amusement park. It was one continuous wild ride!

One of the themes mentioned throughout by the Host was that White people are scared of Black people. I responded that one of the reasons I wrote the book “Did You Ever Wonder Why Black People Do The Things They Do?” was to alleviate the perceived fear of Blacks by educating and informing others about Blacks. What’s funny is that after the Interview it was mentioned by the Hosts that they were a little scared just talking to me. I think they were joking…I hope…

And as usual, the use of the “N” word by some Blacks came up again… After this discussion, the Host informed me that he wanted to start his own rap group and call it “HWA” (a.k.a. Honkies With an Attitude) in much the same manner as an earlier Black rap group called “NWA” (a.k.a. “N” word With an Attitude).

As part of the “N” word follow on discussion, the Hosts discussed their frustration with being able to use this word with their Black friends but that they had to constantly look over their shoulders because one never knows who (especially Black people) might hear you and then want to punch you in the face.

Like I said in the beginning… Wow! What an Interview…

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