Friday, May 8, 2009

Painful To Be Famous

Painful To Be Famous
By Kevin D. Moore

Like so many others in this world, I too longed to be famous at one point in my life. I too, like many others in this world, was drawn to all of the positive possibilities that fame could and would bring to my life. I too, looked at all the famous people - actors, singers, public officials, and sports professionals and imagined how great their lives were compared to mine. I could just imagine how great things would be if I were famous and had phenomenal amounts of money, screaming crowds of people requesting my autograph, and everyone else - the common people - wanting to be just like me.

Imagine all the good I could do with my fame. Imagine, with phenomenal amounts of money, what I could give to charity thus making life easier for others. Imagine, all the autographs I could sign thus bringing and giving much joy to all the fans. And just imagine, the good example I could be for so many that would aspire to be like me resulting in a much better world. Wow, I could do anything, be anything, and more importantly be extremely happy if only I were famous.

Since I considered myself a fairly talented individual, I figured that fame wouldn't take long to achieve. For starters, I began reaching for my dream by acting in one of my high school plays. Although, I didn't have the lead role, I just knew that the critics and others would see my abilities and as a result I would become a "Shooting Star." Unfortunately, things didn't exactly go as expected. Instead of being a "Shooting Star", my acting career turned out to be more like a "Star-fish" out of water.

However, I didn't let that disappointment in acting fame deter me from stardom. So, I decided to become famous through my singing abilities. Wow, what a difference a day makes! I actually had two songs released to the world. I couldn't believe how great being famous was. Well, Ok, maybe I wasn't "big" famous but at least I was a "little" famous. Ok...Ok... I wasn't famous at all. The most fame I got was dancing to my own song in a couple of dance clubs. And to make it worse, I probably danced by myself. Not much fame there but again I would not be deterred from my right to be famous and receive all of the pleasures that fame would bring.

So…I wrote a book, became a motivational speaker, and have been a guest on many radio shows across the nation. And needless to say, everything I've done to date is now paying off. Fame has finally come!!! No matter where I go, whether it is on the street, in an airport, or in a public restroom (go figure) I'm recognized and approached by adoring fans.

Only one problem - all these fans think I'm somebody else! As it turns out, it seems that in-person I seem to resemble the actor, director, and producer named Tyler Perry. What a let down... Now, don't get me wrong. I am a fan of Tyler Perry's myself, however, I wanted to be famous on my own accord.

Imagine, how painful it is to want to bring joy to others through fame and then have that very fame bring hurt and disappointment to others when they discover and realize that you are not who they thought you were. I must admit that at first it was fairly humorous and flattering. That is until I started to focus on the other person's reactions after coming to their disappointed conclusion. Of course, they don't blame me personally for not being Tyler Perry but the "high" and "low" that they experience are there and obvious "none the less."

It's funny, not once did I ever believe that fame wasn't everything I thought and many others thought it would be. That is until now. I guess my mother and father were right when they said be careful what you wish for - you might just get it!

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