Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stupid American

Stupid American
By Kevin D. Moore

As much as I hate to admit it, I knew a guy who must have been one of the stupidest Americans around. The most ironic thing about this guy was that he was an intelligent person but absolutely had no clue how stupid he was.

This American's stupidity manifested itself in his support for one of two Presidential Candidates.

During the Presidential Race, he listened to both sides and watched their Ads. And, using or not using his God given talent of reasoning, he made a decision to support a specific Candidate. Unfortunately, that decision was stupid.

For example:

He actually believed that the potential Leader of this great nation of values would not purposely spin, taint, or tell half truths about the other Candidate. Stupid!

He actually believed that he did not have to do any research on his own given that the News Media would definitely ensure that there was no foul play. In other words, the New Media would establish a "No Spin Zone." Stupid!

He actually believed that fellow citizens would be outraged if there was the slightest hint that a Candidate running for the President of the United States was "Spinning" out of control. Stupid!

You know, it's amazing how smart I have become since the last Presidential Race. My eyes have been opened. I'm no longer that Stupid American.

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Bill the traveling salesman said...

Nice to see you posting again, Kevin. This election season will be an eye-opener for all who think on for themselves. Sadly, that is too few of us. - Bill