Wednesday, November 28, 2007

“The Allan Handelman Show” (FM Talk 101.1 – WZTK) “North Carolina's Superstation”

November 28, 2007 3:00 PM (Central) - “The Allan Handelman Show” (FM Talk 101.1 – WZTK) “North Carolina's Superstation”

All I can say is "WOW!" I was a guest on this show for 3 hours. The show was so good that the phone lines were swamped and some of the callers actually were "on hold" for over an hour waiting to ask questions. I can truly say that all involved (i.e. Listeners, Callers, Allan (Host), and Me) were trying to make a difference in America and our relations with other. Many stereotypes, myths, and perceptions of Black people were addressed. Unfortunately at this time a Podcast is not available; however, below are some questions and comments that occurred during the show.

Question: Are colleges preparing Black athletes for the challenges they may be faced with once in Professional Sports? (This questions was a result of the recent tragic shooting death of Professional Football Player Sean Taylor)

Comment/Question: A Black male caller, who is a Manager, believes that things are not right in the manner he is treated by his White Co-Manger and White Supervisor. He stated that he is the first Black person to serve in this Management position and cannot understand what the problem may be other than having something to do with his race. He asked for my opinion. Unfortunately, there wasn't a great deal of information; therefore, I gave the only answer I could (which had nothing to do with the issue of White vs. Black.) Sit down with your Co-Manger and Supervisor and discuss your concerns.

Question: Why don't Black people wash their hair?

Question: Why are some Blacks told by other Blacks that they are acting White for speaking proper English?

Question: Why are Blacks bad tippers?

Question via e-mail: Why do some Black people purposely walk too close to you?

Comment/Question: Some time ago, a White man and two of his Black friends went to a predominately Black Bar to observe a Pay Per View Fight between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. He stated that he and his friends were cheering for Evander and the majority of people in the Bar were cheering for Mike. Everything was fine until Evander starting beating Tyson. Once that happened, he said that the atmosphere in the bar changed reflected by his two Black friends being called Uncle Toms. He wanted to know why this happened.

Question: Why doesn't Black people's hair get messed up?

Question: Why do some Blacks sag their pants?

Question: Why is it that Blacks speak with an accent?

Question: Does your book address the fact that not all Blacks will act or react the way you do to questions? Answer: Yes.

Comment/Question: A Black man was concerned that my book might being doing a disservice to Blacks and may not address the realities of what challenges Black people were facing and are still facing. So his question was, "Is your booking doing more harm than good?" He admitted up front that he had not read my book as of yet. Answer: Read the book. In other words, "Try it, You'll like it."

Question: Why do some Black men urinate standing up in a public bathroom with the seat down? (This question surprised both the Host and me.)

Question: Why do Blacks support another Black person if the evidence shows that the person is clearly guilty?

Question: Does your book address complexion issues among Blacks? Answer: Nope. I'm saving that for another book.

Question: Why are Black people so loud?

Question: Why don't Black people view/value Dogs the way White people do?

Question: Why do Black people call themselves African Americans when many are 4th and 5th generation Americans?

Question: Why do Blacks say "Axe" instead of "Ask"?

Needless to say, it was an interesting radio show. I believe that the show has caused many people to look at Black people and themselves in a different and positive manner.

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